Learn more about the library district

Measure 17-62 to form the Josephine Community Library District will be on the November 4 ballot.

A library district will ensure long-term stable funding for our libraries. Ballots will be mailed to all Josephine County voters on October 17.

If you have questions about the library district and the election, check out these resources:

The Josephine Community Library District will create an independent, self-governing library system serving all of Josephine County. Five community members will be elected at large to serve as board members of the Josephine Community Library District.

Hundreds of volunteers are needed to walk neighborhoods, talk with residents, place door-hangers, put up lawn signs, or call citizens to remind them to vote. At least 16,001 Yes votes are needed.

To learn more about volunteering for the library district campaign, contact Patricia Narcum-Perez, 503-931-9333.