Library district voting results

Because the effort to form a countywide special library district in the November election did not succeed, in the coming months, the JCLI Board of Directors will undergo a comprehensive strategic planning process to determine next steps.

In the meantime, JCLI staff and volunteers are working to raise funds — asking supporters to contribute what they would have paid in taxes had the measure passed. Click here to calculate what you would have paid. Enter your address in the field, click the Property Search button, and then click your property record that appears. Divide the assessed value by 1,000, and multiply that number by 0.39. The average homeowner in Josephine County would have paid $58 a year for the library district.

Of the 33,074 people who voted, 47 percent voted yes and 53 percent voted no. The upside is that 15,474 people voted yes. In fact, the number of yes voters increased significantly from the last library district vote in 2006, gaining seven percent more votes for library funding and gaining support from 12 additional precincts in Josephine County.

Data from the Josephine County Clerk’s office showed the measure passed by 55 percent within the City of Grants Pass. Other precincts that passed the measure included the City of Cave Junction, Kerby, West Colonial, and the Williams precincts, all near the location of a library branch. In Wolf Creek, the measure failed by only eight votes.

For more information and election results, click to visit the website of the Josephine County Clerk.