JCLI outreach efforts featured in nationwide blog

In January, Vanessa Craig with Gale Cengage Learning, the company that supplies libraries around the country with online databases containing “behind-the-paywall” content on a variety of topics, featured JCLI in the following blog article titled “I Had No Idea! Changing How the Library is Viewed One Stakeholder at a Time.”

KateDwyerHeadshotKate Dwyer, Outreach Education Librarian at Josephine Community Libraries, is used to hearing, “I had no idea!” She works diligently to reach out to members in her community that have no clue what modern day libraries offer.

A poll conducted by the Pew Research Center found that, “forty-six percent [of those polled] say that they know some of what libraries offer and thirty-one percent said that they know not much or nothing at all of what their libraries offer.”

Kate faces this unfamiliarity when she is presenting what their library offers to various community groups. Most attendees thought they knew exactly what the library offers, but after her presentation on all the databases, services, programs, and books their libraries offer, her participants often exclaim, “I had no idea!”

Kate’s role is an important one at the library. The Josephine Community Library System is a now donor supported library system, after the county stopped funding them and closed all branches in 2007. Since then, the community restored the branches, but the libraries are still fighting for recognition and after their bid for a library district failed this fall. Click here to read the rest of the blog article on the Gale Cengage Learning website.

Special thanks to the Oregon State Library for funding the JCLI Expanding Opportunities Program through the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) as well as the Gale databases. Click here to explore the Gale databases available with your JCLI library card.