Next steps for libraries in Josephine County

Library supporters committed to seamless transition of services

Josephine Community Libraries, Inc. (JCLI) is launching its spring fundraising drive after passing Measure 17-79 for the formation of a library district on Tuesday, May 16.

“We want to start the library district off right,” said Kate Lasky, executive director. “The district won’t begin receiving tax funding until November, and during that transition time, JCLI will continue to provide all the services and programming our community relies on.”

The libraries in Josephine County closed on May 17, 2007. Ten years later on May 16, 2017, citizens passed a measure on the ballot to permanently fund the libraries by 53 percent of the vote. Since 2009, the libraries have been supported by generous donations and the heroic contributions of more than 360 volunteers annually. Now, JCLI is committed to a seamless transition of library services and stands ready to hand over the reins to the newly elected library district board.

With no tax funding until November, JCLI is reaching out to its existing donors to seek funding to help bridge the gap until the new library district is up and running.

“We are proud of the organization that JCLI has become,” said JCLI Board President Sara Katz. “The board has always regarded JCLI as a temporary bridge to public funding.” In the coming months, JCLI plans to work with the new library district board to transition leadership of the library system to the Josephine Community Library District Board of Directors.

For more information about JCLI, contact the library by phone at 541-476-0571, email, or explore this website.