Foundation end-of-year fundraising drive

There are thousands of stories in the library, but not all of them are on the shelves.

Every day, library staff and volunteers hear stories of patrons being helped in numerous ways: To find books, of course, but also to practice taking a driver’s test, to track down an ancestor, to find a place to live, to apply for a job…the list goes on and on.

Every one of those stories represents a neighbor being helped, a child being educated, a coworker being inspired. One of them may even have been you!

Libraries are critical to the cultural life and economic success of our community, and  the Josephine County Library Foundation is committed to ensuring everyone has access to libraries for generations to come.

With your donation, the library foundation will work to:

  • Provide library scholarships to children outside of the district.
  • Fund projects that improve library buildings and facilities.
  • Modernize the library’s technology offerings.

Our community loves and values its libraries. We see them as places of transformation, opportunity, and connection. Together, we can make our libraries bigger and better than ever!

Please make your end-of-year donation to support our libraries by mailing a check to Josephine County Library Foundation at 200 NW C Street, Grants Pass, OR 97526 with a donation form or click the gold “Donate” button to make a secure online donation.

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Consider becoming a monthly contributor

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Updated 11/1/2018