JCLI present and future


Community-wide access to 21st-century information library services that inspire, engage, and meet the needs of our residents.


Enriching lives through community access to quality public library services.


  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Engagement
  • Innovation
  • Freedom of information

core services

  • Collection
  • Facilities and staff
  • Technology
  • Early literacy
  • Lifelong learning

Josephine Community Libraries Business Plan for 2015-2018

The JCLI Business Plan for 2015-2018 (pdf, 1.1Mb) was updated on November 8, 2016. The business plan is used by the JCLI Board of Directors, staff, and other leaders to reflect established direction and to guide decisions and policies. This business plan describes the JCLI strategic framework, history and accomplishments, services, operations, development strategies, and its leadership and organizational structure. This plan also details the most informed view of the future, not only in terms of vision and goals, but also in terms of financial planning and projections. Click to read the business plan (pdf, 1.1Mb).

Updated 11/8/2016