library district board of directors

The library district is governed by the all-volunteer library district board of directors who were elected on the May 16, 2017 ballot.

board responsibilities

Photo of the Josephine Community Library District Board of Directors, John Harelson, Judy Williams, Beecher Ellison, Jennifer Roberts, and Laurel Samson.

Josephine Community Library District Board of Directors, from left: John Harelson, Judy Williams, Beecher Ellison, Jennifer Roberts, Laurel Samson.

The elected library district board governs all aspects of the library district, overseeing all library operations and finances. Board members follow public meeting law and meet regularly to conduct library business. Get information about board meetings.

On July 5, 2017, the board members were sworn in to office to hold their first regular board meeting.

The district board has the authority to administer library operations, contract for services, apply for grants, and initiate volunteer partnership programs.

The elected board members are volunteers who do not receive a salary or other payment for board services. They also may not have a financial interest in any library district contract.

board members

For the first election, three district board members are elected for two-year terms and the other two board members shall be elected for four-year terms. After those first terms are over, terms will be four years each.

To contact the board, send email to President Laurel Samson or You can also mail a letter to the board at Josephine Community Library District, 200 NW C Street, Grants Pass, OR  97526, or call the library at 541-476-0571 to have your message relayed to the board.

name position term start term end affiliation
Beecher Ellison, JD 1 July 2017 June 2021 Paralegal
Josephine County Legal Counsel
Laurel Samson, MBA
2 July 2017 June 2021 Management consultant
Former city manager, City of Grants Pass
Jennifer Roberts, Ph.D.
Vice President
3 July 2017 June 2019 Freelance writer and speaker
Judy Williams, MBA 4 July 2017 June 2019 Corporate finance executive, retired
Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.
John Harelson, CPA 5 July 2017 June 2019 Certified public accountant
Former Josephine County Treasurer

Updated 7/26/2018