about the district

Josephine Community Library District is a permanent special taxing district which funds the four library branches in Josephine County and is governed by a board of five elected board members.

core services

The core services of Josephine Community Library District are:

  • Collection
  • Facilities and staff
  • Technology
  • Early literacy
  • Lifelong learning


On the May 16, 2017 ballot, voters approved Measure 17-79 to form a smaller, noncontiguous library district. The results were 52 to 47 percent in favor of the measure. See details about election results (pdf, pages 5-6).

The new library district, which officially formed on June 14, 2017, provides stable, permanent funding to meet the ever-increasing demand for basic library services. Specifically, this sustainable funding will make possible more open hours across the four library branches throughout Josephine County and more and better books and other circulating materials.

With the defeat of countywide library district measures in 2006 and 2014, library supporters concluded that the 2017 version of the measure should have the district boundaries include the service areas around the libraries. This means that the approved library district is made up of just those voting precincts that surround one of the four public library branches in Grants Pass, Cave Junction, Williams, and Wolf Creek. See if your home is within the library district (type your address in the upper-left corner and click the search button; if your address shows in the green area, you’re in the library district).

This smaller district provides a foundation of stable funding for the future and has its own taxing authority completely independent of county government. The district is governed by the five elected members of the library district board elected on the same ballot.

This library district is being formed with a permanent, dedicated tax rate of 39 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value for those living within the library district boundaries. Funds raised by the tax can only be used for the library district, and cannot be diverted to other county departments. This is enforced by annual financial audits.

Updated 4/10/2018