The following policies have been adopted by the Josephine Community Library District Board of Directors and govern the district’s activities. Click a link to download and read a policy set.

  1. Governance policies (bylaws) (pdf), includes:
    • Fiscal year and budget
    • Board of directors and officers
    • Meetings
    • Committees
  2. Financial management policies (pdf), includes:
    • Accounting system
    • Control procedures
    • Cash and purchasing
    • Contracts
  3. Operations policies (pdf), includes:
    • Patron responsibilities and code of conduct
    • Safe children
    • Public records
    • Collection
    • Use of the Internet and other digital reference tools
    • Meeting space
    • Bulletin boards
    • Library card eligibility and scholarships
    • Fines and fees
    • Library bill of rights
    • Library code of ethics
  4. Personnel policies (pdf), includes:
    • Appointment and qualifications
    • Payroll and scheduling
    • Travel authorization and reimbursement
    • Time off
    • Non-discrimination, harassment, and bullying
  5. Volunteer policies (pdf), includes:
    • Equal opportunity
    • Volunteer selection
    • Volunteer standards of conduct
    • Dress code
    • Patron confidentiality

For more information about library district policies, email info@josephinelibrary.org or call 541-476-0571.

Updated 3/22/2018