who is using the library today?

Modern libraries provide a full spectrum of programs and services and offer a space where everyone is welcome. It is a safe place for parents to bring their children, where the unemployed can seek help with resume building and job searches, where the retired community can gather to socialize, and where those without internet access can browse the web. According to this Pew Research study, millennials are among the most likely of generations in America to use the library these days, but you can find people from all walks of life, with different needs, every time you walk through the doors.

  • The children’s library is known for more than a wealth of books and educational toys. Last year, more than 12,300 children attended programs at one of the library branches in Grants Pass, Illinois Valley, Williams, and Wolf Creek.
  • With more foot traffic than the local post office, the library processes about 250 new library cards every month.
  • Patrons can checkout more than books. They also have access to the Library of Things, DVDs and music CDs, reference databases, and over 45,000 electronic books available for download.
  • People still love to read books and share stories. Over 25,000 books are checked out monthly. On any given day, about 10,000 library books are out in the community.

updated 7/31//2019