facilities improvements: planning better buildings

Libraries need adequate space for the collection of books and other materials, for library users, and for services and programs. However, serious deficiencies in the branch buildings of Josephine Community Library District limit the quality and level of service that can be offered to the community.

As part of its strategic plan, therefore, the library district has set the goal of enhancing library facilities. The district is partnering with Josephine County Library Foundation, which raises funds for special projects that benefit the library and its patrons. The first step is to develop a Facilities Master Plan that includes a vision for library buildings which addresses community needs while being cost-effective.

Coordinating and advising in the facilities enhancement effort is the Facilities Oversight Task Force. This group is made up of two foundation board members, two district board members, and the library director.

Phase 1: building program needs and specifications

Phase 1 of the facilities enhancement effort was completed in June 2018. This work included a needs assessment and service evaluation of the four library branch buildings, a series of focus groups with library and community stakeholders, and detailed recommendations and specifications for improving each of the four buildings. This phase was completed by Penny Hummel Consulting in June 2018 and resulted in the following reports:

Phase 2: initial pre-design concepts and Facilities Master Plan

In July 2018, the search for a qualified architectural firm to carry out Phase 2 of the project was launched (see the Library Facilities Master Plan, Phase 2 Request for Proposal). Proposals were reviewed by the Facilities Oversight Task Force, and the architectural firm Hacker was selected.

In Phase 2, Hacker is expanding on the completed Phase 1 work. The firm is assessing the four library branch buildings, outlining specifications, estimating costs, evaluating possible Grants Pass building sites, and developing initial concept drawings.

The end of Phase 2 will result in a completed Facilities Master Plan, which will integrate library program specifications from Phase 1 with the building specifications, initial concept drawings, and cost estimates from Phase 2. The Facilities Master Plan, expected by the end of 2018, will outline the rationale and roadmap for future library building construction and renovation projects.

launching the capital campaign

Based on the Facilities Master Plan, the district and foundation will develop a facilities fundraising feasibility study to determine the extent to which the recommendations of the Facilities Master Plan can be funded and carried out. The organizations will then prioritize and schedule the improvements and launch a community capital campaign to raise funds for building construction and renovation.

Such a capital fundraising campaign is necessary because the lean operating budget funded by the library district’s tax receipts does not provide for capital improvements. The capital campaign will be carried out by Josephine County Library Foundation.

facilities design and construction phases

After funding is secured, the building projects can move on to the succeeding phases of design and construction:

  • Phase 3, Schematic Design
  • Phase 4, Design Development
  • Phase 5, Construction Documents
  • Phase 6, Construction

The priorities and scheduling of the various recommended building projects will be determined by library leadership based on the recommendations of the Facilities Master Plan and the success of the capital campaign.

More information

This page will continue to be updated as the district and foundation move through the process. For more information, email info@josephinelibrary.org or 541-476-0571.

Updated 9/12/2018