Young Master Gardener Program

In the Young Master Gardener series at the Grants Pass branch, kids get to participate in sessions that expand and enrich their knowledge about plants, gardening, and biology with planting and other hands-on activities. Related fiction and nonfiction books are used to illustrate, explain, and entertain.

The Young Master Gardener sessions take place on the second Wednesday of each month from September through May at the Grants Pass branch, according to the schedule below.

Pre-kindergarten sessions (up to five years) take place 11:30 am–noon. The after-school session for children six and older takes place 3–4 pm. For more information, email or call 541-476-0571.

The Young Master Gardener program is sponsored by Josephine Community Library and the Josephine County Master Gardener Association certified through Oregon State University (OSU). OSU-certified Master Gardeners conduct the reading and learning sessions.


This is the schedule for the 2019-20 program. Note that topics and dates are subject to change. Please check the calendar or contact the library to confirm.

Wednesday, September 11: “Saving the Monarch Butterfly”
The amazing monarch butterfly is at risk of endangerment. Learn about their habitat and how to raise them.

Wednesday, October 9: “Botany 101: Plant Families”
Studying plants is all about looking for patterns. Stop by to learn how to identify flowering plant families by their patterns.

Wednesday, November 13: “Juicy Plants: Succulents and Cacti”
Succulents and cacti come in all shapes and sizes and share an adaptation for survival. Join us to explore these juicy plants.

Wednesday, December 11: “Plants are sleepy”
Like animals, some plants hibernate during winter months. Learn all about sleepy plants this month.

Wednesday, January 8: “Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics”
Learn all about how to grow a garden indoors during winter months.

Wednesday, February 12: “All the Dirt About Soil”
What is the difference between dirt and soil? Join us to investigate the world under our feet.

Wednesday, March 11: “Growing Vegetables: Companion Gardening”
This month, learn about why planting different crops close together can be beneficial.

Wednesday, April 8: “Kitchen Gardens and Herbs”
Learn how to start a kitchen garden and enjoy fresh harvest every day at home.

Wednesday, May 13: “Friendly Insects: Dragonflies and Ladybugs”
Some bugs are important to have in garden. Find out how insects like dragonflies and ladybugs help plants grow.

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For more information about Young Master Gardeners, or to schedule a special session for your group, stop by the Grants Pass children’s library, email, or call 541-476-0571.


updated 8/9//2019