Election law

Learn about your right to vote, explore information provided by the Josephine County Clerk, and register to vote in time for the next election.

Register to vote

Register to vote by October 13, 2020 to participate in the November 3 election this year.

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Ballot drop box locations

Find out where the official ballot drop box site locations are in Josephine County.

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Local and national resources

American Bar Association
The Standing Committee on Election Law develops ways to improve the Federal electoral process in order to permit the broadest, least restrictive access by Americans to the ballot box. Visit ABA
American Civil Liberties Union
Learn more about how to exercise your voting rights, resist voter intimidation efforts, and access disability-related accommodations and language assistance at the polls. Visit ACLU
Josephine County Election and Voter Registration
The Elections Division conducts all Federal, State, County, City and Special District elections in Josephine County. Visit Josephine County
Election Security
To protect the integrity of Oregon’s elections and other systems, The Office of Oregon Secretary of State has multiple layers of defense controls, including hardware and software designed to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access. Visit the Oregon Secretary of State
Learn about voting rights laws, constitutional amendments, voter fraud, voter suppression, and more. Visit USA.gov