Reading Glasses: A Summer of Books and Wine

The 2016 “adult summer reading program” features books, presentations, and a special exhibit all about wine and southern Oregon viniculture. Running from August through September, Reading Glasses: A Summer of Books and Wine is being held at the Grants Pass branch of Josephine Community Libraries, 200 NW C Street in Grants Pass.

‘Clink! A Taste of Oregon Wine’ exhibition

August 1 through September 30.
This traveling exhibition from the Oregon Historical Society is made up of 12 colorful banners with photographs and text illustrating the history of the flourishing Oregon wine industry.

25 things you thought you knew about wine

Friday, August 12 at 5:30 pm. $39 per person.
Liz Wan of Serra Vineyards demystifies 25 tidbits most people thought they knew about wine. Participants will become equipped with tools to hold their own among the wine enthusiasts of the world.

To purchase tickets, visit the Oregon Wine Experience website, scroll to 25 Things You Thought You Knew About Wine with Liz Wan, enter the number of tickets you want, scroll to the bottom of the page and continue the purchase process.

Wine 101

Saturday, September 10 at 5:30 pm. No fee, but donations are encouraged.
Liz Wan of Serra Vineyards presents this wine class. Whether you’ve just become interested in wine or have been drinking it for years, you’re bound to learn something new from this class. Wine 101 teaches participants how to choose, pair, and serve wine for a variety of situations. Participants will learn how to evaluate wine, how to pick the best wines for favorite foods, and tips to understanding tasting notes.

wine reading list

ClicReading Glasses program posterk to get the full list of wine-related books and other materials available through the Josephine Community Libraries catalog.

  • “The Vineyard” by Barbara Delinsky
    This New York Times bestseller is the story of two women whose dreams are bound together across generations.
  • “Proof” by Dick Francis
    A wine merchant becomes tangled in a mystery that’s an intoxicating blend of deception, intrigue, and murder.
  • “The Wine Bible” by Karen MacNeil
    This valuable resource offers the fundamentals of wine with informative tips, maps, and more.
  • “Wine: A Tasting Course” by Marnie Old
    This book is the ultimate visual wine course for wine lovers seeking no-nonsense, practical information.

more information

For more information about Reading Glasses: A Summer of Books and Wine, contact the library at or 541-476-0571.

Updated 8/2/2016