Business Readers discussion group

Business Readers is a group for online and in-person discussion about materials of interest to those who want to improve their knowledge, boost their work skills, strengthen their companies, and network with others interested in business topics.

BeQuietBeHeard-0116The first book to be discussed is “Be Quiet, Be Heard: The Paradox of Persuasion.” It is written by international business consultants Susan Rosenblum Glaser and Peter Alexander Glaser, both of whom hold doctorates in communication from Pennsylvania State University. The book addresses ways to address conflict in work, relationships, and other aspects of life, covering topics such as persuasion, criticism, handling delicate issues, providing encouragement, promoting teamwork, public speaking, persuasion, and creating benchmarks for success. Click to learn more about the authors on their website.

Click to join the Business Readers discussion group on Facebook. Online discussion of the first book will begin Tuesday, January 19, 2016. An in-person discussion and networking hour is scheduled for 5:30 to 6:30 pm on Wednesday, February 24 in the Ben Bones Room of the Grants Pass branch of Josephine Community Libraries.

The 187-page book is available in both print and audio formats from Josephine Community Libraries. It can be requested from any of the four branches of the library system, in Grants Pass, Illinois Valley, Williams, and Wolf Creek. Click to request the book through the library’s online card catalog.

The book is also available locally from Oregon Books & Games.

“Be Quiet, Be Heard” is a Ford Family Foundation Select Books pick. Select Books are recommended resources that promote community building, leadership, and youth development that the foundation believes are so important it will provide them for free to residents of Oregon and Northern California who agree to write a review of each book within 60 days.

Business Readers is an ongoing program, with Josephine Community Libraries suggesting books and other material for topics. The group is open to anyone interested in discussing its topics, with library staff and volunteers available to moderate and encourage the conversation. Much conversation will take place online, but readers will also have opportunities to meet in person for conversation and networking. Note that Business Readers is not a place for promotion of goods or services.

For more information, contact Josephine Community Libraries, 541-476-0571.


Updated 1/11/2016