Our library is now fine free for all patrons!

That’s right! — we no longer charge fines and all existing fines will be waived. This ensures that all patrons have access to library books and materials, which is our primary purpose as a public library.

In the past 15 years, public libraries across the US, and most recently in Oregon, have investigated the efficacy of charging late fines for overdue items. Research has shown that late fines are not effective and do not have any impact on return rates. In fact, fines have the unintended consequence of preventing a community’s most vulnerable populations from using library services.

Historically, overdue fines amount to less than 0.5 percent of our budget; consequently, they have minimal impact on library operations.

However, these fines can have a significant impact on a family. You’ve seen the big piles of books kids check out. If those books come back even a few days late, the fines add up fast. The last thing we want to do is discourage families from using the library.

Patrons will continue to be responsible for materials not returned. After 20 days, replacement costs will be charged for lost items.

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updated 1/8/2020