get involved

Lucy-smlAs a nonprofit nongovernmental organization operating the four libraries in Josephine County, we need everyone to work together to keep our libraries open so we can continue to provide the resources of literacy, education, culture, and community.

There are many ways to get involved with “the little library that could.”

You can become a contributing donor, because while library cards are free, it’s donations that buy the books!

You can volunteer your time, because with only about seven full-time-equivalent staff members running four library branches, we need volunteers with a variety of skills and time commitments.

Josephine Community Libraries: Opening Doors

“When Josephine County closed its libraries due to a lack of government funding, local community members wouldn’t stand for it. They quickly formed a nonprofit, Josephine Community Libraries, Inc. Thanks to a small but dedicated staff and the generous contributions of more than 200 volunteers, county residents once again reap the critical benefits of free library services. We’re proud to share their story with this two-minute video.” -Oregon Cultural Trust, December 2013

Video produced by Sheepscot Creative.

Updated 3/29/14