First Chapters thanks you

As part of the Josephine Community Libraries crowdfund taking place July 13–August 17, 2015 to update our children’s libraries, this page lists the names of anyone who donates at any level. Thank you for helping give Josephine County children the best chance to learn to love reading at an early age and set up a lifetime love of reading and learning!

Mary Moulton
Georgia Moulton
Toby and Lorrie Snyder
Jean Carlson
Vicki A Bryden
In memory of Kathy Blackwelder
James Hammerle
Hayley & Evan Schmidtke
Brandace Rojo & Steve Bailey
Steve and Nancy Chroninger
Emily Cohen
Mark Lansing
June Perkins
Judith Williams
Donald Rubenstein
Susan Lee Hall
Barry and Maritza Hamann
Lonnie Johnson
Pam Thompson Arbogast
Pat & Sue Fahey
Dianne Mackin
Sandra Cook
Cherryl Walker
Thank you family & friends for giving to the library for my birthday!
City of Cave Junction
Thomas F and Kathleen J Carlisle
Charles and Marlene Brown
Marjorie Hart
Jami Vitto
Parkway Village
Facing Grace Skincare
Chris Marie Carlson
Doranne Long
Lacey and Cory Fox
Beverly Armstrong
Dennis and Margaret James
Dennis Strayer
Margaret Wood
Barbara and Frank Schiefer
Doranne Long
Paul and Anne Sheedy
Susan Conley
Jennifer & Christopher Hancock
Bob & Marge Warner
Jerry and Patti
Ronnie Chittim
Leland & Glenna McCaslin
Sue Orris
Linda Hugle and Scott Loomis
Sue Duncan
Steve Roe
The Forsythe-Elder Family!
Dee Hart Jacoby
Jenie Gagnon
Mr & Mrs. William Gladbach
Malcolm and Tommi Drake
Carla Griffin
Noel and Sharon Hoback
Paul Davis
Mark and Joan Zumwalt
Doolaege Family
Shirley Wood
Susan Cohen
Donna Robinson
Hayley & Evan Schmidtke
Kiwanis Club of Grants Pass
Amy C. Hutchinson
Alison Hallett
Roger Singer
Christy Davis, Library Director, Klamath County Library Service District
John and Becky Snyder
Patricia Snyder
Sue B.
Dave Welch
Kaci Elder
Lois and Leo Beals
Charles and Marlene Brown
Susan Conley
Marcia and Dick Cottrill
Paula and Alan Ehrenberg
J.P. Gagnon and Jerry Schoenberg
Jennifer and Christopher Hancock
Nancy and James Hitchcock
Doranne Long
Harry and Susan Mackin
Sarah McNamara
William Reid, Oregon Mountain Real Estate
Nancy Rogers
Margaret Slagle
Elayne Smith
Don and Yvonne Torala
Bill and Carolyn Kohn
Richard and Robin Griffiths
Stacey & Trever Yarrish
Brandace Rojo
John & Christine Gardiner
Rick and Judy Riker
Susan Lee Hall
Cave Junction Family Medicine
Keith & Carol Heck
Laurel and Scott
Tammy Westergard, Library Director, Jackson County, Oregon
Caroline and Bob Brooks
Marion Sharp
Tim and Jen Roberts
Jami Vitto
Sara Katz and David Markle
Linda Rahberger
Bev and Mike Fimbres
Cheryl Scott McCoy
Joyce Van Anne
David Thomason
Roberta Williams
Cyndi Perazzo
Vicky Engel
Welch Investment Group
Sue Parrish
Dan & Kay Moline
Jon & Kelly Robinson
Shad Shriver
Susan Fischer
Michael P Mills
Roslyn Owen
Clair Harmony
Ed & Cindy English
My Bookstore
Jim Johnson
Deborah Colette Murphy
Virginia Jaschke
Kathy Chelminiak
Kelley Davies Brent
Arnita’s family
Mia Nicholson
Steve Thorpe
Tom and Suzanne Wicklin
Tom & Barbara Satterthwaite
Mary Wolf
Kimberly Pendell
Ernie and Maureen Brydone-Jack
Judy Romanono
Marybeth Howell
Katie Zentner & Austin Hamlyn
Shirley Albertson
Ray Gipson
Jason M
AllCare, CCO
Dennis Strayer, Kerbyville Museum Curator
Roxanne C Kelley
Kate Carroll de Gutes
Lisa Baldwin
Amy Delahanty
Mrs Durbs
Sally Woolard
Ken and Mary Pierce
Alice & John Raviolo
Stover Writing Services
Ann Dahlen Bakkensen
In memory of Anne Messenger
Grandma Ama
Paulianne Balch-Rancourt
The Kenny Durrant Family
Caroline Brown
Compassionate Dentistry
Mary-Curtis Gramley
Deborah Vierra
Eileen Micke-Johnson
Pamela Abbott
Jefferson State Financial Group Inc
Lester and Judy Hoyle
The DeCourceys
Keith & Carol Heck
I grace La Land
Wendy March
Cheryl & Harry Johnson
P. Lind
Beverly Stein
K. Lenstet
Douglad Denton
Julia Babcock
HG & Arlene Crandall
Linda Cadzow & Ronald Scissom
Lonnie Johnson
Teresa Stover
Kate Lasky
Roslyn Owen
Wendy Willis
Jim Jacks

If you haven’t donated yet, please do it today. In addition to other gifts, you’ll see your name appear on this page. Those who wish to remain anonymous are listed as “Anonymous.” Click here to donate.

First Chapters is a project to raise $40,000 needed to improve the children’s libraries in Grants Pass and Illinois Valley. Monies raised will be used to buy new books, mobile shelving units, paint and new carpet for the two libraries. Read more.

Updated 8/14/2015