past board members

The following is the list of past board members who have served since the board’s inception in November 2007 until JCLI dissolved because of the completion of its mission in July 2018.

name term affiliation during service
Brady Adams Nov 2007 to Apr 2015 Evergreen Federal Bank, JCLI board member emeritus
Susan Bondesen Dec 2009 to Jun 2011 Co-owner, Spit-n-Polish Antiques in Williams, JCLI board secretary
Charles Brown Nov 2007 to Jun 2010 Manufacturing engineer, U.S. Navy retired
Karin Callahan Aug 2016 to Sep 2017 Controller, Southern Oregon Sanitation, JCLI board treasurer
Judy Christensen Nov 2007 to Sep 2008 Grants Pass District 7, Library Foundation
Dennis Doyle, CPA Nov 2007 to Jul 2009 Partner, Doyle & Poole CPA firm, P.C., JCLI board treasurer
Susan Ellsworth Nov 2007 to Sep 2010 Federal government, retired
Pat Fahey Dec 2010 to Jul 2018 General manager, Southern Oregon Sanitation, JCLI board treasurer
Corin Goodwin Nov 2007 to Nov 2008 Director, Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, JCLI board vice president
Dennis James Feb 2013 to Jul 2018 Attorney, James, Holmbeck, and Kirchoff
Bill Kangas Nov 2007 to Jul 2009 City Councilor, City of Grants Pass
Sara Katz Apr 2010 to Jul 2018 Owner, Herb Pharm, JCLI board secretary and president
Barbara Ketley Dec 2008 to Jan 2015 Travel agent and travel teacher, retired;
Past president of Grants Pass Friends of the Library
Kathy Krauss Jan 2016 to Jul 2018 English instructor, Rogue Community College, retired
Suzanne Lavine Feb 2010 to Jun 2011 Partner territory manager, Microsoft Corporation
David Mannix Nov 2007 to Jul 2018 Attorney, retired
Ruth McGregor Jan 2013 to Jun 2013 Bookstore owner, retired
Nick Morgan Nov 2007 to Oct 2009 Legal advertising consultant, Ashland Daily Tidings, JCLI board secretary
Linda Naydol March 2010 to July 2010 Illinois Valley Friends of the Library, Glass Rail Outfit, Illinois Valley Garden Club
Bill Peterson Nov 2007 to Jul 2009 Director of administration, Copeland Companies
Jennifer Roberts, PhD Jun 2008 to Jan 2010;
Aug 2010 to Jan 2016
Freelance writer, writing instructor, JCLI board president
Donna Robinson Dec 2008 to Sept 2010;
Feb 2012 to Jul 2018
Registered nurse, Three Rivers Community Hospital, JCLI board secretary and president
Laurel Samson Jan 2015 to May 2017 City manager, retired
Shad Shriver May 2014 to Jul 2018 Financial adviser, Edward Jones Investments, JCLI board president
Elayne Smith Nov 2007 to May 2011 Educator
Joanne Stumpf Aug 2009 to Aug 2016 City administrative director, retired, JCLI board treasurer
Doug Walker Nov 2007 to May 2012 General contractor and property manager, JCLI board president
DonnaJean Wendle Feb 2012 to Jul 2018 Board member of College Dreams and SOASTC (Southern Oregon Adolescent Study and Treatment Center), JCLI board president

Updated 10/24/2017