RFP for Internet Infrastructure Project — Internet Access

Josephine Community Library District invites qualified service providers to submit proposals for the district’s Internet Infrastructure Project, which seeks to install a high-speed wide area network (WAN) at the four library branches in Grants Pass, Cave Junction, Williams, and Wolf Creek plus bring high-speed Internet access to the Sunny Wolf Charter School.

This request for proposal (RFP) adheres to the formal, competitive sealed proposal process governed by Oregon Public Contracting Law as defined in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 279A.065 and 279B.060 and by JCLD Finance Policy 2-8, Contracts. Proposals must be submitted on or before 5 pm Pacific Time on January 7, 2019.

The district has entered into a partnership, the “Josephine Community Internet Consortium,” with Sunny Wolf Charter School for one part of this Internet access procurement. See information about another procurement opportunity.

The FCC administers the Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries (commonly known as “E-rate”). Through E-rate, the library district — as well as Sunny Wolf Charter School — is eligible for up to a 90 percent discount on specific Internet access services.

Proposing vendors must register as a service provider on the FCC Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) portal to access the FCC Form 470 Description of Services Requested and respond to the RFP. This registration must be complete before submitting the proposal, and not after being awarded the contract. See the following for details about this procurement:

The deadline for questions about the RFP was 5 pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 4, and answers were to be posted to this web page and the USAC portal on Friday, December 7. However, no questions were submitted. Proposing vendors may not communicate with any representatives of the library district or Sunny Wolf Charter School regarding any RFP-related issues other than through the processes outlined in the RFP.

The proposal submission deadline was 5 pm Pacific Time on Monday, January 7 by email to Library Director Kate Lasky at jobs@josephinelibrary.org. Proposal opening took place at 9 am Pacific Time on Tuesday, January 8 in the Grants Pass Main Library, Ben Bones Room, 200 NW C Street, Grants Pass. The Internet Infrastructure Project is expected to start after July 2019.

updated 3/8/2019