a smooth and supported transition of library services

Thank you, voters! In the May 16, 2017 election, voters decided they wanted to provide stable funding for library services and programs by voting yes for Measure 17-79 to form a library district. Josephine Community Libraries, Inc. plans to work with the newly elected district board to transition leadership and operations to the Josephine Community Library District, which officially forms in June but doesn’t start receiving tax funding until November.

To make sure we start our new library district off right, please make your annual donation to the library during the Spring Fundraising Drive.

Click the PayPal Donate button below, before June 30, to make a secure online contribution using your debit card, credit card, or PayPal account. Donate with a check or see other ways to give.

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continuing vital services until the library district receives funding in November

Photo of two teenaged girls, smiling and showing off their library cards.

Teenaged sisters Lucy and Miriam Roberts show off their library cards.

On May 17, 2007, our community’s libraries were closed due to lack of funding.

Ten years later to the day, on May 17, 2017, we began planning a new chapter in the library’s story with the passage of Measure 17-79, creating a new, independent library district with stable funding.

Ten years. Ten years of hard work, inspiration, and disappointment. Ten years of donor drives, grant-writing, and fundraising events. Ten years of people coming together to provide one of the basic services of a thriving community: a beloved library.

We can hardly believe it. The excitement and joy are everywhere in the library now that we know, beyond a doubt, that we will have a library in Josephine County for generations to come.

And we want to start that library off right. The district won’t begin receiving tax funding until November, and during that transition time, we want to continue providing all the services and programming our community relies on.

Would you consider helping us as we pass the mantle to the Josephine Community Library District?

Our hope is to operate the libraries during this transition so that the newly formed district doesn’t begin its tenure saddled with debt, but instead can plan for the future instead of paying for the past.

Your generous support has been so critical to Josephine Community Libraries as we struggled to provide adequate library services for the past ten years. We cannot thank you enough.

With your help, we pledge to continue our work of putting the community back in the library.

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Updated 5/25/2017