Working together to build a vibrant community

Won’t you join us?

Wow. It’s actually happened! Together, we’ve returned public funding to our libraries and provided a long-term, sustainable foundation for this vital public service.

Since the election, library leadership has been busy (really busy!) setting up systems, transitioning services, and hiring staff, all while continuing to provide excellent service to our patrons.

We’ve brought together the nonprofit Josephine Community Libraries, the Josephine County Library Foundation, the newly formed Josephine Community Library District, and Friends of the Library groups to identify our values, set priorities, and plan for the future. We enter this new era of the library fully committed to maintaining the values and culture that have helped our library truly be a place of community.

Through these discussions, we’ve also rededicated ourselves to the idea of a strong, healthy, thriving library. However, while funding from the district will provide the library with more hours, better books, and increased stability, its budget will still be lean, so we will continue to conduct fundraising drives in order to build a library that doesn’t just survive, but thrives.

We’ve identified three priorities for enhanced library funding:

  • library card scholarships for children outside the boundaries of the district
  • a capital campaign for new buildings
  • necessary maintenance and updating for current buildings

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the 10 years since the libraries closed in 2007, it’s that our community loves and values its libraries. We see them as places of transformation, of opportunity, of connection.

Even though the structures may have changed and the name is a little different, this is still YOUR library, and together we can make it stronger and better than ever.

Please consider us in your end-of-year giving.

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Updated 11/29/2017