2017-2020 strategic direction

Immediately after the May 2017 election and the formation of the Josephine Community Library District in June, the newly elected district board of directors started the deep and careful work of developing the district’s three-year strategic plan. Working in intensive meetings from June through November, the board identified:

  • The vision: The ideal future state the library is to create.
  • The mission: The library’s purpose and reason for being.
  • The values: The fundamental beliefs that shape how library leaders, volunteers, and staff work together.
  • The reputation: What the library should be known for.
  • The position: What unique and sustainable value the library delivers.
  • The imperatives, or goals: What must be accomplished over the next three years.
  • The objectives, or measurements: How will success be measured.
  • The initiatives, or activities: What actions does the library need to take to achieve the goals.

The result is the 2017-2020 Strategic Direction (pdf) for Josephine Community Library District, which the board adopted on November 9, 2017. This plan now forms the basis for the library’s decisions and operations for the next three years.

The strategic planning process was facilitated by Coraggio Group and sponsored by the State Library of Oregon and Josephine Community Libraries, Inc.

Updated 12/6/2017