manage your account

placing a hold

If you find the book you want on the POLARIS computerized library catalog system but it’s not currently available, you can place a hold on it by clicking the Place Request button. In the next screen, enter your library card’s barcode number and your library card password, and then click Log In. In the Pickup Library box, click the name of the branch where you want to pick up the book when it becomes available to you. Click Submit Request. Remember to click Log Out when finished using your patron account.

renewing your borrowed items

If there are no pending holds from other patrons, items will be automatically renewed for one lending period. Please bring items to your local branch to renew for additional time beyond the automatic renewal lending period.

library fines

Josephine Community Library District is fine free and all existing fines have been waived! Patrons will continue to be responsible for lost and damaged materials. After 20 days, replacement costs will be charged for lost items. Anyone who accrues more than $10 in fees cannot check out additional items until the fines are down to under $10. You can check any outstanding fees on your POLARIS patron account. Enter your library card’s barcode number and your library card password, and then click Log In. Click the Patron Account tab, and then click Fines & Fees. Remember to click Log Out when finished using your patron account.

blocked or expired account

If you log in to your patron account and a message says your account is blocked or expired, this simply means your account information needs to be confirmed. This can be done in minutes by bringing photo ID and proof of address to your local branch.

Updated 11/26/2019