search the catalog

Click to search for a book or other item in the library collection. In the page that appears, type your search term. You can narrow your search by title, author, subject, and more. Click the Search button to see a list of books.

DigitalTools1place a hold

If you want, you can enter your library card number and password to place a hold on a selected book. You can also renew items you have out and manage your library account. Find an item now.

suggest a purchase

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the Josephine Community Library catalog? Josephine Community Library welcomes requests from library patrons for the purchase of books, audio books on CD, and DVDs. Suggestions for purchase will be considered according to the collection development policy.

  • Please check the library catalog to make sure that the item suggested is not already available.
  • Publishers often announce new titles by popular authors well in advance of the publication date. Please hold your suggestion for purchase until the announced publication date is within 60 days.
  • Please limit your suggestions to one per month and submit a separate form for each item.
  • If a suggested item is purchased, it will be placed on hold for the requester when it’s ready for checkout.

updated 8/2/2019