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Unlike probably every other library system in the United States, Josephine Community Libraries does not receive regular tax funding.

In November 2014, a majority in Josephine County voted no on Measure 17-62 to form the Josephine Community Library District to permanently fund the public library system at a tax rate of 39 cents per $1,000 assessed property value.

For now, the library system will continue to operate as a nonprofit nongovernmental organization relying on donations and grants to keep the doors open.

The libraries in Josephine County closed on May 17, 2007. Four months later, committed community members formed Josephine Community Libraries, Inc. (JCLI), a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring long-term library services for every county resident. By December 2009, JCLI had raised private funds and recruited volunteers to be able to reopen all four shuttered locations. The libraries continue to operate thanks to generous donations and the heroic contributions of more than 350 volunteers annually, who work about 500 hours a week.

Those who voted to support funding libraries in November 2014 can still provide critically needed support. If everyone who voted yes on Measure 17-62 contributes what they were willing to pay in taxes to support their libraries — about $58 per year on average — we could have a $1 million library system.

Our hope is that the more than 15,000 people who voted yes for the library taxing district last year will donate what they would have paid in taxes if the measure had passed. If you haven’t yet sent in your contribution, please consider making a donation today, and each year. With your help, and the help of everyone who cares about our community, we can keep our libraries open.

Review the chart below to determine what you would have paid in taxes had Measure 17-62 passed in November 2014. Note that assessed value is different than market value.

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Library Tax Calculation Chart

If the assessed value of your property is… …then if the library district passed, your yearly tax would have been… …and your monthly tax payment would have been…
$100,000 $39.00 $3.25/month
$150,000 $58.50 $4.88/month
$200,000 $78.00 $6.50/month
$250,000 $97.50 $8.13/month
$300,000 $117.00 $9.75/month
$350,000 $136.50 $11.38/month
$400,000 $156.00 $13.00/month
$450,000 $175.50 $14.63/month
$500,000 $195.00 $16.25/month
$550,000 $214.50 $17.88/month
$600,000 $234.00 $19.50/month
$650,000 $253.50 $21.13/month
$700,000 $273.00 $22.75/month
$750,000 $292.50 $24.38/month
$800,000 $312.00 $26.00/month
$850,000 $331.50 $27.63/month
$900,000 $351.00 $29.25/month
$950,000 $370.50 $30.88/month
$1,000,000 $390.00 $32.50/month

To calculate the exact amount you would have paid in taxes if the library district measure had passed, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to find your home’s assessed value on the Josephine County Assessor’s web page
  2. Divide your home’s assessed value by 1000
  3. Multiply that number by .39

Anyone interested in getting involved with the library effort can email info@josephinelibrary.org. Those interested in donating can send a check or money order payable to “Josephine Community Libraries” to P.O. Box 1684, Grants Pass, OR 97528. Click here to make a secure online donation or learn of other ways to give

Updated 4/15/2015