Everyday civics

Learn about voting rights — consider civic engagement, how it works, and who gets to participate.

Voter Registration

Are you registered to vote? Find out using the Oregon secretary of State’s My Vote page.

Local elections

Find local and statewide election results, voter turnout, and more through the Josephine County Clerk’s office.

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Civil rights, liberties, and the Constitution

Explore political issues, personal freedom, legal protection, and learn about self-government in America.


Understand the Constitution with in-depth analysis and related articles.


Browse numerous articles on communication in the digital age and the importance of credibility.


Explore in-depths articles on historical moments and accomplishments throughout U.S. history.


Research U.S. legal cases, laws, and regulations, as well as some international law.

Library of Congress primary sources

What is a primary source and how do we use them today? Discover the criteria and processes.

City government

There are two incorporated areas in Josephine County — the City of Grants Pass and the City of Cave Junction. Both municipalities have a council-manager form of government. Elected by residents, the mayor and councilors volunteer their time to serve our community.

County government

The Josephine County Board of Commissioners is the governing body of the county empowered to adopt ordinances, establish programs, levy taxes, appropriate funds, make appointments, and zone property in the unincorporated area. The three members of the board are elected on a non-partisan basis to serve four-year terms.

With the exception of holidays and other planned recesses, the Board of Commissioners convenes the first, third, and fourth Wednesdays at 9:00 am and the second Wednesday at 5:30 pm  at 600 NW 6th Street in Grants Pass. The meetings are open to the public.

Josephine County Board of Commissioners
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Past meeting minutes
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Josephine County Clerk
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State government

Oregon’s Legislative Assembly is composed of two chambers, House of Representatives and Senate. Explore the Oregon State Legislature and learn more about how government works.

Oregon State Legislature
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Communicating with Legislators
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Oregon State Legislature calendar
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Explore local nonprofits and volunteer opportunities through JosephineLINK, the library’s community resource directory gathered by your librarians.

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Digital Volunteer Transcription Project

Record historical documents, war letters, and diaries and volunteer to transcribe these projects from home.

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