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From world history to coding, disaster preparedness to job and career questions,  the library is packed with tools and materials to help you develop new skills and find answers to your questions. 

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Racial literacy

Empathy begins with awareness, knowledge, and understanding. Our librarians selected these resources to illuminate the history of racism in America so we can work toward understanding and equity.

Adult education

Build your confidence with lifelong learning tools from the library. Learn a trade, practice reading, or level up for a promotion at work. It’s never too late to learn a new skill.

Subject guide

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Online language courses

Use your library card to access Mango, an online platform to help you learn a new language, or practice language skills you already have.

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The library offers access to online language learning, test-prep tools, millions of published and peer-reviewed articles across a vast range of subjects, and more.

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Find shelf locations and helpful contacts for a variety of tough topics.