Library cards

A Josephine Community Library card is all you need to enjoy our entire collection of materials, online resources, activities, programs, and services.

Get an instant online library card

Sign up here and start accessing the library’s resources immediately! Select Register Now, and then complete the online form. Select Submit. Record the library card number you’re given, along with your password, for reference when using online library resources in the future.

If you get a message that says “A patron with this name is already registered,” it means you probably already have a library card. Email for assistance.

Get your library card in person

Library facilities are currently restricted due to health concerns. Please register for an instant online library card at this time. If you would like to check out physical items, visit any of our library branches during curbside pick-up service hours, Friday and Saturday 12-4 pm. You must bring a photo ID (if your ID does not reflect your current address, please bring another form of address identification such as a recent utility bill). If you like, complete the Library Card Application ahead of time and bring it with you.

Who can get a library card?

Library cards for residents who live within the district boundary are paid for through property taxes. No additional fee is required.

Property owners outside of the district library boundary can apply to join the district. Library staff is available to assist. Please contact us for more information.

All residents of Josephine County age 17 and younger are eligible to receive a library card, paid for through a scholarship program from the Josephine Community Library Foundation.

Adults who don’t live in the library district can get a card for $60 per year or $15 for three months, per household. (The cost is approximately equal to the amount that each in-district household pays through taxes.)

In order to make the library accessible to all, alternative options to obtain a library card are listed below.

  • Property owners may fill out the necessary paperwork to join the library district by annexing their property. Library staff is available to assist.
  • All youth ages 17 and younger who live in Josephine County qualify for library cards through a scholarship program funded by Josephine Community Library Foundation. Apply at your nearest library branch.
  • Adult library card scholarships are funded by Josephine Community Library Foundation. Apply at your nearest library branch.
Am I in the district?
View the interactive map to see if your home is in the library district. In the page that appears, type your address in the upper-left corner and select the Search button; if your address shows in the green area of the map, you’re in the library district. LEARN MORE
fine-free library
Our library is fine-free for all patrons! LEARN MORE
If a book you want in the library catalog is not currently available, you can place a hold on it. LEARN MORE

Blocked or expired account

If you log in to your patron account and a message says that your account is blocked or expired, this simply means that your account information needs to be confirmed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, contact your preferred branch to verify your information.