Information literacy

There’s so much information at our fingertips, but how do we know whether a source can be trusted? Use these tools to find reliable sources and evaluate the accuracy of the information. 

Internet architecture and privacy

Explore these resources to understand how the Internet works and what it knows about you. Learn about cookies, algorithms, and more and how they affect the ads and information you see.

What are cookies?

Watch this short video to understand what website cookies are and how they work.


"How recommendation algorithms run the world" explains the pervasiveness of algorithms and how they affect what you see online.


Watch this TED Talk and become more aware of online filter bubbles and how they create information silos.

Check your facts

Get information about Internet hoaxes, scams, and security issues.
Keep tabs on statements from elected officials and check those statements for accuracy.
This independent fact-checking website verifies or debunk the most popular claims on the Internet.

Learn how biases affect us

Discover the media bias of different sources and get news stories on key issues from multiple perspectives.
Media bias/fact check
Check the bias and factual accuracy of a large number of news sources.
News literacy project
Learn about confirmation bias: the tendency to seek information that supports what we already believe.

Who decides?

Using About Ads, see which companies are choosing the ads you see online and opt out if desired.

Visit About Ads

Test your knowledge

Can you determine if social media accounts are run by real people? Take a quiz to see how easy it is to be duped.

Visit Spot the Troll

Learn more with Checkology

Take easy-to-understand video tutorials about misinformation, understanding bias, conspiratorial thinking, and the role of journalism in democracy by creating a free account with Checkology. Their Check Center also helps to verify possibly misleading information shared on social media.

Interland for kids and families

Interland by Google is an adventure-packed online game that puts lessons of digital citizenship and safety into hands-on practice.

Library databases


This innovative full-text newspaper resource allows you to search articles instantly by title, headline, date, author, newspaper section, or other fields.


Explore peer-reviewed articles from the world’s leading journals and reference sources. With millions of articles, researchers are able to find accurate information quickly.


Continuously updated information and opinions cover hot issues and offer excellent arguments from a variety of perspectives.