Local history

Access historic periodicals, browse books on Oregon’s history, and learn about upcoming lectures and special events.

Josephine County Historical Society

Experience stories and artifacts from Josephine County’s past.

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Southern Oregon Historical Society

Explore the stories and artifacts of our common heritage.

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Historic sites

Southern Oregon is full of well-preserved history. Check out a few of the local historic sites in Jackson and Josephine Counties.

Golden Heritage Site

At its peak, the 19th century mining town of Golden, now a ghost town, was home to 100 people and served as a hub for many others who worked the land in more remote locations.

Historic Hanley Farm

Historic Hanley Farm, established in 1857, is a working farm in Central Point, Oregon operated by Southern Oregon Historical Society.

Historic Jacksonville

Historic Jacksonville preserves the history of structures in Jacksonville by bringing them to life through educational programming, events, and activities.

Oregon Caves

Delve into the history of Josephine County’s only national monument, including the cave’s discovery, exploration, and stewardship.

Dive-in to a specific subject

Eugenics in Oregon
Oregon was one of 33 states to enact eugenics law in America. Learn more through the State Library of Oregon.
Oregon Black Pioneers
Explore digital exhibits on the rich history of Black pioneers throughout Oregon.
The Takelma Tribe Today
The Takelma are a Native American people who originally lived in the Rogue Valley until they were forced to relocate in the mid-1850s.

Archives and encyclopedias

Historic Oregon Newspapers
Search and access complete content for historic Oregon newspapers dating back to 1946.
NDNHistory Research
Browse a collection of essays on the history and anthropology of Oregon's indigenous tribes.
The Oregon Encyclopedia
Explore everything from the Oregon Trail and Native Americans, to the arts and archeology of Oregon.