Robotics resources

Explore the world of robotics — learn how to get started with these resources and build a robot from home.

Library of Things

Explore the Technology/STEM section of the Library of Things to find our educational robots and coding toys. Check them out for 10 days with your library card — because libraries aren’t just for books anymore.


Online learning

Future Learn’s Beginning Robotics
Learn robotics by exploring the history, anatomy, and intelligence of robots and test drive robots using exciting simulations. View website
Engineering for Kids
Explore the Engineering for Kids virtual programs! By customizing activities that tack onto what children are already learning in their school curriculum. Their knowledge of the subject matter solidifies, all while they build a variety of important social skills. View website
Tekkie Uni Courses
Learn to code virtual 3D Robots using an online learning environment, known to be the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to learn Robotics. View website
UBTECH Education’s UKITs
The fun and exciting robotics projects from UBTECH Education ignite children’s imaginations, encourage independent thinking, and deepen STEM learning. View website
Instructables DIY Kit
Instructables makes it easy to learn how to make robots, one step at a time. View website