Simple steps to a stronger community Everyday Civics

What makes a strong, vibrant community? Engaged citizens! Everyday Civics provides opportunities to engage people in community civic life through simple activities for all ages.


From March 1 through May 31 2022, join the Everyday Civics program and participate in activities at your own pace, on your own time. Register on Beanstack to begin earning rewards and virtual raffle tickets for the activities you complete. Participants who already have a Beanstack account can use their existing login information. For assistance, visit or call your preferred library branch.

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Everyday Civics badges

Click each badge to view accompanying activities. Earn three virtual raffle tickets per badge by logging your activities on Beanstack.

Civil Rights and Liberties

Explore political issues, personal freedom, and legal protection.

Community Culture

Investigate the diverse cultural heritage of Josephine County.

Volunteer Service

Find ways to be part of civic life by donating your time, talent, or treasure.

Public Land and Ecology

Discover local historical sites and learn more about Earth science.

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Social Values

Learn about the social agreements that make our democracy work.

Local Government

Discover how self-governance works in your city and county.

The Constitution

Revisit the Founding Era and learn about self-government in America.

Prizes and sponsors

View rewards, raffle prizes, and sponsors for Everyday Civics.