Online Resources for Teens and Tweens

Keep your brain and your body moving while school is closed. Learn to paint, read up on something you’ve always wondered about, take an online yoga or workout class, or learn to cook.


For as long as schools are closed, Audible is offering free streaming of a vast collection of stories, including books in six languages. You can stream from your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

eBooks and magazines
With your library card you can access Library2go where you can download eBooks and digital audio books onto your eReader, tablet, smartphone, MP3 player or computer. You can also search for and read articles from many popular magazines like Time, National Geographic, The New Yorker, Vogue and more.

Book Vloggers on YouTube
Check out the world of book vloggers. Here are some of our recommended channels of video bloggers who share a passion for reading and book collections on their YouTube channels.

  • Hailey in Bookland
    Hailey is a 24-year old self-described “book lover” who shares her passion on her vlog.
  • A Clockwork Reader
    Hannah loves to read and she assumes you, her audience does too. Highly recommended!
  • polandbananasBOOKS
    Christine loves comedy and reading great books. She brings her two passions together in this hilarious vlog. She posts multiple times a week about books and book-related pop culture.
  • jessethereader
    Jesse is a “BOOK WARRIOR” here to have fun and share a love for books.
  • emmabooks
    Emma is a 23-year old living in New York City, but vicariously living her life through fiction.

Epic Reads
Epic Reads is your video destination for all things YA and teen books. They post new Book Nerd Problem episodes every Monday, Now Quoting to brighten your Fridays, Book Hauls once a month and
more! You’ll also find original digital episodes, interviews with YA authors, exclusive event access, and more cool stuff. Epic Reads is brought to you by HarperCollins Publishers.


Google Arts & Culture virtual tours
With Google Arts & Culture you can take virtual tours museums and landmarks, explore famous artists and works of art by theme or color, learn new skills to create your own art at home, and so much more.

Painting with Bob Ross
Access 100’s of episodes of Painting with Bob Ross and learn to create a masterpiece of your own!


Kahn Academy
Kahn Academy is a great backup when you can see your teachers every day at school. You can join Kahn Academy to get personalized help with what you’re studying at school or to learn something totally new.

Scholastic Learn at Home
Scholastic is offering four learning experiences each day that you can check out to keep up a learning routine while you’re out of the classroom. Just find your grade level and dive in!

Gale High School, College and Career
Learn something new! Dig into articles, videos, magazines and more through the library’s many Gale Databases.

Blue Zone Recipes
Learn to cook something new and healthy with Blue Zone Recipes’ 30-minute plant-based meals.

Self Care and Fitness

Blink Fitness
Access fitness classes you can take at home via Facebook Live. Blink Fitness classes are available weekdays at 5pm. They’ll also give tips to help you stay motivated and answer visitor questions from the comments.

Orangetheory is sharing a new 30-minute workout video each day. The workouts don’t require any special equipment, but they may feature items we can all find around our house.

CorePower Yoga
CorePower Yoga is offering free access to a collection of online yoga and meditation classes. has assembled some hand-picked content on their block to help support mental health and emotional wellness through this time.

update 3/20/2020