Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Race and society

Empathy begins with awareness, knowledge, and understanding. Our librarians selected these resources to illuminate the history of racism in America so we can work toward understanding and equity.

Together, we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month!

From September 15–October 15, we share and celebrate the history, heritage, and accomplishments of Hispanic and Latinx Americans of past and present. Here you’ll find videos, podcasts, articles, and recommended reading to learn more and celebrate.

Greater Medford Multicultural Virtual Fair

The multicultural fair is an annual project of Friends of the Multicultural Fair, a group of the city of Medford’s Multicultural Commission. This year due to smoke and rising cases of COVID-19 the fair will be virtual! Come celebrate with live, family friendly events featuring artists, music, and more.

Visit the the Greater Medford Multicultural Fair Facebook page for a link to the virtual fair on Saturday, September 25 between 11 am–2 pm.


Enjoy these podcasts on topics like the Asian-American experience during COVID-19 and the lives of Latinx Americans.

In the Thick

The Futuro Media Group presents a podcast about politics, race, and culture from a POC perspective.

KPBS Port of Entry

Port of Entry tells personal stories of love, hope, struggle, and survival from border crossers, fronterizxs, and other people whose lives are shaped by the wall.

Anti-Asian Violence during COVID-19

In this episode of The Takeaway, learn about how attacks against the Asian American and Pacific Islander population are on the rise across America.

Black History Year

Black History Year connects listeners to the history, thinkers, and activists that are often left out of mainstream conversations.


View these documentaries and videos to explore various histories and social issues.

History: Zoot Suit Riots

Learn about the Brasero Program during WW2, the history of Mexican Americans in the mid 1900's, and the Zoot Suit Riots.

Native American Land

Return of Indian Island recounts when settlers took the Wiyot tribe's land in Northern California by force and its eventual return. Scroll down on the linked page to watch.

Comedian Jenny Lorenzo

Laugh along with Cuban-American comedian, Jenny Lorenzo. Jenny helped kickstart Latinx content at BuzzFeed with “Pero Like” and continued on to produce for “We Are Mitú.”

Oregon's Japanese Americans

Oregon Public Broadcasting bring us the history of how Pearl Harbor changed everything for the Japanese living in Oregon and the West Coast.


Read sourced and cited articles and webpages about the Holocaust, Latinx identities, and more.

Ancient Mesoamericans and rubber

Mesoamerican people perfected details of rubber processing more than 3,000 years ago. Check out its uses back then and what we've learned from it now.

The Scapegoating of Asian Americans

The Harvard Gazette brings us an article about the rise of violence and harassment amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Afro-Latino: A deeply rooted identity

One-quarter of all U.S. Latinos self-identify as Afro-Latino. The term Afro-Latino was adopted as a response to the invisibility of Latin American and Caribbean blacks while discussing issues of ethnicity.

The Holocaust

Through the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum learn about the Holocaust, remember survivors and victims, and confront genocide.

Parent resources

There’s no question: talking about race can be sensitive.

Racial stereotypes and bias begin at a shockingly young age. It can happen without parental input, just by the racial stereotypes so prevalent in society. As early as six months, a baby’s brain can notice race-based differences, and can internalize racial bias by ages two to four.

If you’re curious about how to have this conversation, here are some resources to get started.
Art Tales for Pre-K
Check out featured artists such as Joan Miró or Diego Rivera to learn about their history and crafts inspired by their work! Learn more
Maya Inca Aztec
Interactive, vocabulary enhanced, reading comprehension for ages 10-16 focusing on art, history, and culture. Learn more
Never Too Young
Research shows that children form race-related ideas long before they’re ready to talk about race. Learn more

Art and Museums

DC Latino Street Murals: A Virtual Tour
Visit the streets of DC and explore its historical and beautiful works of art!
The National Register of Historic Places
Lists many properties significant for Hispanic Heritage.
Zeke Peña — artist highlight
Zeke Peña is a Xicano storyteller and cartoonist from El Paso, TX. He makes comics and visual narratives that reclaim stories and remix history. His artwork can be found in books including the children’s 2020 Pura Belpré Illustrator Honor Award, “My papi has a motorcycle” by Isabel Quintero.
Smithsonian Latino Center
The Smithsonian Latino Center is the corazón of Latinidad at the Smithsonian. View music performances and interviews with artists and smithsonian curators.

Local resources

BASE provides events, community information-sharing, connection, support, and resources that work towards the well-being and advancement of Black people in Southern Oregon.
Unete OR
Unete, Center for Farm Worker Advocacy strives to empower and enrich the lives of farm workers and their families through education, cultural presentations, advocacy, and representation in issues that affect their lives.
The Coalition of Communities of Color (CCC) addresses the socioeconomic disparities, institutional racism and inequity of services experienced by our communities.


Access up-to-date information for hundreds of community organizations with options to filter for Spanish speaking staff and volunteers.

illustration of people-like puzzle pieces connected together

OLA Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence

The Oregon Library Association condemns anti-Asian hate crimes and strongly supports the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence.