Race and society

Empathy begins with awareness, knowledge, and understanding. Our librarians selected these resources to illuminate history so we can work toward equity.


Listen to award-winning podcasts on topics from different cultural perspectives, discussions on politics from different points of view, and stories from across the country.

This Land

This season, learn how a string of custody battles over Native children became a federal lawsuit threatening tribal sovereignty and civil rights.

You Had Me at Black

You Had Me at Black is a storytelling movement reclaiming the Black narrative by passing regular people the mic to share their true-life stories.

Toasted Sister Podcast

Toasted Sister is a podcast series from Native chefs and foodies who work to keep their traditional flavors and ingredients alive.

KPBS Port of Entry

Port of Entry tells personal stories of love, hope, struggle, and survival from border crossers, fronterizxs, and other people whose lives are shaped by the wall.


View these documentaries and videos to explore various histories and social issues.

Native American Land

Return of Indian Island recounts when settlers took the Wiyot tribe's land in Northern California by force and its eventual return. Scroll down on the linked page to watch.

United States Holocaust Memorial video series

Explore the experiences of Holocaust survivors, the Museum’s collections, and Holocaust history.

Oregon's Japanese Americans

Oregon Public Broadcasting bring us the history of how Pearl Harbor changed everything for the Japanese living in Oregon and the West Coast.

Asian Pacific America

The Smithsonian and Native filmmaker Conrad Lihilihi presents a docuseries examining the 1896 Hawaiian Language Ban from public education and the history of Hawai'i.


Read sourced, cited articles, and webpages about the gentrification, islamophobia, and more.

Assimilation Through Boarding Schools

The History Channel brings us an article detailing the brutal history of forced assimilation of native children.


Understanding Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the West offers Gallup polls and reporting about the rise of anti-Muslim feelings.

The Injustice of Japanese-American Internment Camps

During WWII, 120,000 Japanese-Americans were forced into camps, learn how this action still haunts victims and their descendants.

What is Gentrification?

Learn about gentrification and how it brings conflict between longtime residents of old neighborhoods and new arrivals.

Art, Parks, and Museums

Art Tales for Pre-K
Need ideas for how to talk about art with your little ones? Explore artworks with your children, read books with related themes, and try your hand at making some art of your own.
Smithsonian online exhibitions: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Explore related items and learn five surprising facts about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
Vashti Harrison — artist highlight
Part author, illustrator, and filmmaker, Vashti Harrison is an artist originally from Onley, Virginia. Utilizing her skill sets, she is passionate about crafting beautiful stories in both the film and kidlit worlds.

Local resources

Black Southern Oregon Alliance brings people together to enhance educational and economic opportunities for all Black/African Americans and People of Color.
BASE: Black Alliance & Social Empowerment
BASE serves to create a welcoming and supportive community where Black people in Southern Oregon feel safe, respected, and comfortable being themselves.
The Coalition of Communities of Color (CCC) addresses the socioeconomic disparities, institutional racism and inequity of services experienced by our communities.

OLA Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence

The Oregon Library Association condemns anti-Asian hate crimes and strongly supports the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence.